Revisiting Email: Don't take it for granted

Revisiting Email: Don't take it for granted

In the recent Samsung vs. Apple trial, it was the old-fashioned email that probably cost Samsung billions of dollars. We may have moved on to other communication gimmicks like Facebook and Twitter but the fact is, all over the world, “send me an email” is still the most used phrase when it comes to getting work done.

In the 1960s, the MIT research lab was working on a military research program. A researcher named Tomlinson was assigned the task of figuring how to send files from one mainframe to the other. Personal computers didn’t exist back then. In October of 1971, Tomlinson succeeded. One small electronic signal, and the world was never the same. The email was born.


Sure, the growth of email has not been entirely pain-free. Privacy, security, spam concerns grew in tandem with the growth of email. With “cloud” increasingly becoming popular we are all storing our email data on servers somewhere out there. Are we really sure that every email we send is seen only by those we intend?

The rule of thumb is “Don’t write anything in an email that you’d not like to see on network news”. Email is the digital equivalent of a real-world postcard. It can be read by people who collide with its path. Your employer can read all your emails and they are within their rights to do so. The law enforcement can read your emails but they’d do so only if you are a shady character. Hackers can read your email but they probably are more interested in accounts that can give them some big financial boost.

If you are really concerned with your email security, take an extra step and encrypt it. Any kind of public key encryption will make the content safe from everybody except national security services. And they'll only bother if you're a major criminal, terrorist, or a big foreign company they want to spy on.

So go ahead and send that email. It may not be the safest mode but it is safe enough.

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