Windows 8: Opening up a third front in Mobile OS

Windows 8: Opening up a third front in Mobile OS

The month of September is going to be a big month for tech lovers. What with the imminent launch of the mythical iphone 5; the scheduled launch of Microsoft’s new tablet ‘Surface’; and a new Amazon Kindle, this might just be the month that will turn a new chapter in the mobile gadget war.

As Android and Apple continue to battle it out in stores and courts, the consumers are awaiting the launch of Windows 8-the new OS for mobile from Microsoft that will possibly open a third option in the so far binary war of operating systems. While it is widely believed that Microsoft has missed the bus on mobile, with Windows 8, Microsoft will give it a best shot.

Microsoft claims that the most important feature of Windows 8 is that it’ll work seamlessly across slates, PCs and laptops.I had a chance a few days ago to play with a Windows phone, and aside from the well-thought tile based interface, I felt that the OS had some cool new features. The ‘charms’ bar is the mobile version of the old startup menu on a PC and can be accessed by sliding the screen to the right. The OS allows for multitasking-having two displays side-by-side simultaneously. Other cool feature is having two virtual keyboards.

A recent demo of the Surface indicated that MS has gotten serious about design and features and has put some thought in its new device. So far, Nokia which has bet its new phones on Windows 8 but it has failed to make a mark. But critics have lauded the Windows 8 as a sleeker OS with some cool features.

The most important thing to remember is, that in the smartphone market, it is not just the OS or the hardware that lead to success but it is the ecosystem that surrounds it-the apps and the developers.

While MS may come up with new gadgets and a cool new OS, the real test is to have an ecosystem of apps surrounding the devices. And MS needs to do some serious work on that front.

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