Hope for Blackberry: Don't try to be an Apple

Hope for Blackberry: Don't try to be an Apple

Who can be more aware of their own mortality than tech giants who seem invincible? After all, more often than not, they rose to the top after demolishing the business model of some other tech giant whose services or products became obsolete as a result of a new way of doing things.

As we all stand captivated by the intense smartphone war and Apple’s quest for world domination, I can’t but help think of Nokia-the fallen giant that once ruled the mobile market and RIM’s Blackberry-technically the first smartphone and the darling of corporate users. Where are they now? As Nokia hedges its bet on Windows 8, RIM now tries to make a comeback with Blackberry 10. Question is, is it too little and too late?

It is now no longer about a great phone. It is about the ecosystem. Does RIM have the Apps? The developers? What about sister devices to cross sell, like the tablet, netbook or a laptop?

The problem for all new or late entrants to this market is the same-how can they gain foothold in a market where consumers are now entrenched in an OS and use that same OS on different smart devices? Experts have suggested a few things RIM can do, like focus on its niche-the corporate clients who love Blackberry for its great security features. From a recent conference held in San Jose, it seems the RIM folks have picked up on that.

As smartphone usage creeps into every moment of our lives, I think we would all love a device which will let us maintain our professional and personal lives separately but on the same device. I can see some real hope for Blackberry in this niche. It is better off becoming a great Blackberry and not trying to be an Apple.

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